I practice, preach and teach product management.

I love to untangle messy problems by discovering unexpected patterns in behavior, processes, and technology. The whip smart people at General Assembly let me preach on these topics, they let me teach a class that I wished had existed when I started my career at General Electric a decade ago.

Since my days at GE, I built the Business Strategy and Design practice at EPAM Healthcare. With my talented peers, I cranked hard to shape the future of healthcare, making it approachable for the times in our lives when we feel most vulnerable.

I have a MBA from Wharton. I am also a data monster. If you press me to prove it, then I may dredge up my master’s degree in statistics — which is buried in a suitcase under a bed at my parent’s home in India, where I am from.

In this space I rant and rave about ideas that light me up. Occasionally, I get published by Quartz.comFastCompany.Com (thisthis, this, and this time, for instance), General Assembly and Women2.0. Oh, and one time, a picture I took was published by National Geographic in their round-up of awesome pictures of the week.

Contact me about writing, speaking, consulting or mentoring via natasha.awasthi.wg13@wharton.upenn.edu, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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